Resolve ~The Conflict with Camellia~ (覚悟 ~カメリアとの戦い~, Kakugo ~Kameria to no Tatakai~) is the 1st episode of the Hortensia Saga Anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

For the past 700 years, peace reigned in Hortensia; without warning, the land is attacked by the tributary state of Camellia. Because of this, Alfred Albert heir of the domain of Albert to mature quickly so he can lead his people to defend his kingdom.

Plot[edit | edit source]

On December 7th, 767, in the castle of Hortensia, Rugis F. Camellia and Leon D. Olivier kneel before the king of Hortensia in the throne room. Rugis proclaims being portrayed by the King and transforms into a werebeast. Walking in on the scene is Mariyus Casteledo the daughter of the King, witnesses her father being killed by Rugis, who then roars out loud signaling his troops to lay siege to Hortensia. Without hesitation, Leon attacks the beastly Rugis in order to protect the princess from harm. In the city, the Camellia army attack as Fernando Albert tries to negotiate with the invading soldiers, but ends with him having to fight back against them. Once they're dealt with, Kuu Morimol appears and warns Fernando that the king is in trouble.

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Rushing to the castle gates, Fernando and Kuu group with Maurice Baudelaire and Adelheid Olivier. Fernando learns of the staged rebellion led by Rugis and, in turn, informs them about the King being in trouble. At that moment, a Cerberus appears in back of them along with a slew of various monsters through out the town that attacks the citizens without mercy. With her spear in her arms, Adelheid volunteers to stay behind and deal with the Cerberus allowing Maurice and Fernando to go to the King's aid. They do this and upon arriving in the Throne Room, they find the King dead with the princess crying by his side and Leon mortally wounded not to far by. Right as Maurice tries to console the princess, he's attacked by Rugis whose attack blinds him on his right side. Martyring himself, Fernando attacks Rugis allowing Maurice to escape with the princess. At the Albert Family home, Maurice arrives with the Princess and gives Alfred his father's sword informing tacitly informing him of his demise.

Although, Rugis managed to execute a successful rebellion in Hortensia and during it, he killed the King, but failed to overthrow the capital. Due to the former king's death and because the princess had gone missing, her younger brother Prince Charlot was inaugurated as the new King. Even though a new King of Hortensia was appointed, monsters have started appearing around the land ushering in a new age of turmoil.

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Nearly 3 weeks after the rebellion, at the Albert Mansion, Maurice fully explains to Alfred what had happened in the throne room of the Hortensia capital on the night of the Camellia rebellion. In light of the recent events that have occurred, Alfred becomes the new lord of the land and Maurice resigns from the Royal Order in order to stay with Alfred. Just then Nonnoria bursts into the room exclaiming that Marius has gone missing. On the other hand, Maurice is not concerned about this whatsoever. Meanwhile, Kuu and Marius briefly walk together in the forest just outside the mansion. Kuu warns that they should return to the mansion as its getting late and the others would be worried. However, Marius refuses and wants to continue on alone. Eventually, Alfred finds Marius by his parents grave site and the two have a heart to heart together. From this conversation with Alfred, Marius vows to become stronger.

4 years have now passed and Alfred now a young man accompanied by his squire Marius and Maurice leads a small group of soldiers through a forest to Erps Heights, the current frontline of a war. Upon arriving at the site, they're left astounded that the ample amount of soldiers they were to join were wiped out by the enemy forces. The forces in question were the Scarlet Force lead by Roy Bashro, a Temple Knight in Camellia. Finding two survivors of the Hortensia army, both Alfred and Marius approach them and are sequentially ambushed by Camellia soldiers. Defending against the soldiers, Alfred orders the soldiers to fall back, to which, they reluctantly do and are then killed by Roy for trying to escape. Alfred and Marius then confront Roy, but are easily dealt with by the knight, so Maurice steps in and rescues the two. Not wanting to start a fight with Maurice, Roy escapes and orders his men to fully retreat as they've accomplished what they set out to do.

Afterward, Marius wakes up in bed with Nonnoria by his side. Curious as to know where Alfred is, the man in question was lamenting in front of his parents grave about his own purpose and weakness. Soon, Marius arrives at the scene and after a brief talk between the two, they return to the mansion, resolved to get their revenge against their foes.

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