Alfred Ober (アルフレッド・オーベル, Arufureddo Ōberu) is the protagonist in the Hortensia Saga series. His name is Alfred Albert in the anime.


Alfred has an almond shaped head, chestnut brown hair, and cerulean eyes. He wears a white exterior cape with blue trim and a blue interior, a metal shoulder pad, dark brown bracers, and a white and blue outfit with the Hortensia symbol in the front of it. Also, he wears dark brown pants, brown boots, and a belt. Strapped to his left side is a sword.


Known to be a reticent and an emotionally reserved person, it's also said that he has a calm and gentle personality.


Alfred is a local aristocrat who 3 years ago, inherited the Ober territory after the previous holder his father died in the Rugis Rebellion. As a knight, he works extensively with his uncle Maurice.

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